Lt. Stanley Wraithbone

Shell-shocked WWI Veteran turned History Student


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Born to a wealthy Welsh family with a strong military tradition in 1898. Took a commission as a Lieutenant in 1916 and served on the front lines of WWI through to the war’s end. Developed PTSD (Shell-shock) during the course of the war after seeing part of his command decimated by mustard gas and from years spent in the trenches.
Returned to Britain a decorated officer but without seeking further advancement in his military career. Initially tried to return to a quiet life at his family’s country estate, but was eventually convinced to get back into the real world by seeking a History degree at University of London, where he eventually ended up in Jackson Elias’ research group.
Initially believing man’s own inhumanity to be the only demonic force of the unvierse, he has since been convinced through the course of several investigations of the presence of supernatural forces at work in the world.

Lt. Stanley Wraithbone

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